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No matter if it is your home or business, we are committed to making it the most comfortable place in the world.  Whether it is cooling off in the summer, or heating up in the winter, your heating and air conditioning system is important.

Comfortable family

Whether you need high-quality and affordable service to your current heating or air conditioning system or are looking to upgrade with the latest home climate control options, our technicians have the knowledge and skills to help you create the ideal solution to suit your needs.

When Do You Need Service?

There are a number of signs that indicate it is time for system maintenance, repair or replacement including:

  • Excessive noise or grinding sounds

  • Unexpected increases in your energy bills

  • Inability to reach the desired temperate set on your thermostat

  • Uneven heating and cooling throughout your home

  • Dirty or damaged coils or buildup on condensers

  • Water around indoor components

​Charlie's Heating and Air can provide you with necessary maintenance, repairs or component replacements, you need to make sure your heating and air conditioning systems are working at peak efficiency, allowing them to function properly to maintain your comfort. We service all brands of heating and air equipment.

In Need of Replacement?

As the Daikin dealer of the Montana Hi-Line, we are committed to providing top-quality heating and cooling products to your home or business. Daikin offers an excellent warranty on furnaces. Their warranty offers: 12 years on parts. 10 years on unit replacement. Lifetime on the heat exchanger. Control the comfort level of your home or business with quality equipment you can count on. 

Geothermal System Installation

A geothermal system is a warming and cooling system for your air that compliments your HVAC system. Using the earth’s temperature, a geothermal heating system is a clean and efficient way to change the temperature in your home. If you are looking for a way to make your home’s air systems cleaner and more efficient, visit with us about installing a geothermal system for you.

Boiler Maintenance

Boilers and radiant heat systems are hydronic, meaning they use water to transport heat throughout your home. It is recommended that you have your boiler inspected annually to ensure efficiency, safety and dependability.

Ductless Heating & Cooling

Ductless, Mini-Split systems are ideal for heating and cooling small spaces or to supplement your current system.  Our quiet and powerful systems have three main components: an indoor unit, outdoor unit, and remote controller. Installation is as simple as mounting the indoor and outdoor units, connecting the refrigerant lines, and making a few electrical connections.

Whole House Zoning

Is part of your home too hot while another part too cold? Hot air rises, making the upper levels of your home warmer, while the lower levels may be cooler. This leaves your home unevenly heated giving you the perfect temperature in one area of your home while leaving another area uncomfortable. Charlie's Heating and Air can help you get the maximum efficiency from your system while creating comfort throughout your whole home.

Thermostat Controls

Whether you like to keep things simple or prefer to have full control of your indoor climate, we carry a line of thermostats and controls to suit your style.

Gas Fireplace Service & Repair

A gas fireplace is one of the nicest features to have during the frigid winter months on the Hi-Line.  With regular maintenance and repair, you can be assured your gas fireplace is operating safely and efficiently when you need it most, like when the temp drops below 0°.

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